Jim Ripple
Broker Associate

Originally from the small town of El Campo, Jim moved 60 miles to attend the University of Houston. Working his way through school with summer jobs and some help from a baseball scholarship, Jim graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Upon graduation, he went to work for Oshman’s Athletic Goods and sold team sports equipment to leagues, high schools, and colleges. Jim’s family made Brenham, Texas their home in 1991.

Jim eventually started selling athletic shoes to sporting goods stores and then later casual and fashion footwear to department stores and family shoe stores. He had always been interested in real estate sales and had bought and sold several properties over the years. The process, particularly the marketing aspect, always fascinated him. Eventually he decided it was time to plan for a future away from the constant travel and one in which he could establish roots in the Brenham business community. He took his first real estate course. He was hooked. It wasn’t long before Jim had his Realtor’s license and then later his Broker’s license.

Jim’s decision to make real estate sales a career was years in the making but in retrospect one that he wishes he had made earlier. Jim believes that his previous selling experience outside of real estate helps him bring something unique to his job. He tries to convey to his customers the mentality and work ethic of someone who has had to manage time while traveling a large sales territory, a well-developed business mindset, and the people skills of a kid that grew up in a small town. Jim really enjoys getting to know his clients and assisting them with their real estate needs whether it’s farm and ranch, residential, or commercial. His goal is to build friendships and to contribute to the community he works in. He strives to treat every client, and every person he meets, with a level of professionalism and personal service that they are not used to in a complicated world. Some might call this philosophy “small town values.” While Jim loves being there for his clients to help them with their real estate needs and to get the best deal for them, it’s the personal connection that is ultimately most important to him. Everything else takes care of itself.